• Includes 35 cards (2 RRR, 5 RR, 9 R and 19 C).
  • Includes support for Narukami and the Conduit subclan.
  • Includes Break Ride units.

Card ListEdit

Code Name Grade Clan Trigger Rarity
EB102/001 Conduit Seal of Pouring Rain, Levee Breaker 3 Narukami RRR
EB102/002 Raging Blizzard Conduit, Knuckle Duster 3 Narukami RRR
EB102/003 Conduit Seal of Soaring Tempests, Lanyaru 3 Narukami RR
EB102/004 Conduit, Armor Devastator Dragon 3 Narukami RR
EB102/005 Conduit Exorcist Gunner, Shiden 2 Narukami RR
EB102/006 Conduit Demon Gunner, Raien 1 Narukami RR
EB102/007 Conduit, Fog Winged Frog 1 Narukami RR
EB102/008 Conduit, Torent Titan 3 Narukami R
EB102/009 Conduit Seal of Showers, Spark Salamander 2 Narukami R
EB102/010 Conduit Seal of Hail, Hell Dragon 2 Narukami R
EB102/011 Conduit, Cloud Claw Wyvern 2 Narukami R
EB102/012 Conduit, Voltage Gunner 2 Narukami R
EB102/013 Conduit Seal of Dew, Stream Serpent 1 Narukami R
EB102/014 Conduit Seal of Sleet, Cloud Caller 1 Narukami R
EB102/015 Conduit, Bolt Lancer 1 Narukami R
EB102/016 Conduit, Drop Dracokid 0 Narukami R
EB102/017 Djinn of the Lightning Flash 3 Narukami C
EB102/018 Conduit Seal of Mists, Silent Scythe 2 Narukami C
EB102/019 Conduit, Whirlwind Shock Dragon 2 Narukami C
EB102/020 Conduit, Storm Bring Dragon 2 Narukami C
EB102/021 Djinn of the Lightning Flare 2 Narukami C
EB102/022 Conduit, Vapor Vixen 1 Narukami C
EB102/023 Conduit, Drizzle Umbrellisk 1 Narukami C
EB102/024 Conduit Dancer, Agatha 1 Narukami C
EB102/025 Sword Storm Conduit, Toko 1 Narukami C
EB102/026 Thundercharge Dracokid 1 Narukami C
EB102/027 Djinn of the Lightning Spark 1 Narukami C
EB102/028 Spark Kid Dragoon 0 Narukami C
EB102/029 Conduit, Rain-Maker Rosche 0 Narukami Critical C
EB102/030 Spark Edge Dracokid 0 Narukami Critical C
EB102/031 Conduit, Rushing River Ivan 0 Narukami Draw C
EB102/032 Old Dragon Mage 0 Narukami Draw C
EB102/033 Conduit, Calming Spring Crystal 0 Narukami Heal C
EB102/034 Conduit, Freezing Flakes Leo 0 Narukami Stand C
EB102/035 Dragon Dancer, Catharina 0 Narukami Stand C