Cardpoints(CP) is the main currecny in which this roleplay wikia for Cardfight!! Vanguard runs off of. On your profile, you will rake up CP through either completeing Quest on the Quest page, Cardfighting other people in the roleplay, and lastly as a prize for winning Roleplay founded tournies held by the admins. 

EXP is what you also earn to be able progress through the story missions and other side quest, but first you must be a certain level before you may a move accept these quest to complete. All Quest have a pre-set amount of EXP to give. Gaining EXP&CP from other sources are the following:

Cardfighting another player: 300CP and 20XP per win/150CP and 10XP per loss(The Loser also get 1XP for the grade differnce of the each player's Vanguard)

Tournies: These will vary in EXP/CP based on your current lvl based on this equation(To be determined):

              EXP) ######## 

               CP) ########

Within every set of 5 lvls, it will require 100 more EXP to more on in the next set of 5 lvls, an example is shown below. 

Promote to EXP Required
1-5  100
6-10 200
11-15  300
16-20 400


26-30 600


36-40 800
41-45 900