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This is a Role play wiki for the game Cardfight Vanguard (we do not own it in any way), Have fun and hope you enjoy your stay. Do take note that most users will use Cardfight Area(CFA) for cardfights, but TCO (Trade Cards Online) is also an option if you can't use CFA. 



Getting StartedEdit

This roleplay has a story to it! When you desire to join pick a desired Deck from the many we have. You will then fight an admin. Afterwards you are officially in the roleplay, from then you will need a Profile with your:

  • Current Level
  • Clan
  • Win - Loss Ratio
  • CP (Card Points)
  • XP (Experience Points)
  • School(Miyaji,Hituse or Fukuhara)
  • List of cards you own

At the start you get the Starter Deck you chose and 3000 CP which is the currency used for many things but mainly buy cards.

On the roleplay CP will be the currency and XP will be your expirence. You gain CP & XP by competing in tournaments, completing quests, and cardfighting other users.

In tournaments and quests the CP & XP earned is pre-determined. In a cardfight the CP & XP depends on if you win or lose.

One gains 300CP and 20XP per win and 150CP and 10XP per loss however the loser also gains 1 XP per grade separating their and their opponents Vanguards.

XP determined the level you are on. XP required to level up depend on level you are going to promote to. After you level up your XP is reset to 0.

Promote to XP Required
1-5  100
5-10 200
10-15  300
15-20 400
20-25 500

I assume you can see the pattern?

Also if one's Starter Deck of their choice is still in the making they may take a temporary starter deck but must lose all its contents when obtaining their desire starter deck.

On another note one may submit custom clans and subclans in this RP therefore all one must do is simply message my wall and if the customs are already made link me and if i agree we can find a place to eventually release them for use

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