Level: 3


  • Gold Paladin

Win-Loss: 8-8

CP: 50

XP: 20

School: Miyaji Academy

List of Cards Owned:

  • SD21: Holy Revengeance x2
  • SD25 x2

Holy Seal Cards

Conduit Cards

Current Deck:

G0: (17)

4 Silent Punisher (Critical)

2 Holy Hound, Shineyugal (Critical)

2 Holy Drummer, Ryu (Stand)

4 Holy Soul Hunter (Draw)

4 Holy Fairy of Hearth, Asiza (Heal)

1 Holy Dreamer, Cyrus

G1: (14)

3 Holy Warrioress of Dancing Blades, Erika

4 Holy Lancer of Compassion, Keiran

2 Angel of the Holy Seal, Seraphina

2 Holy Shield of the Divine, Mizael

1 Holy Peacekeeper of Unison, Rika

2 Holy Pegasus of Hope

G2: (12)

4 Holy Knight of Nobility, Cassimir

4 Holy Winged Commander, Yael

4 Holy Curved Edge of Bravery, Nero

G3: (7)

1 Holy Dueling Tempest, Sagramore

4 Holy Rider of Blistering Winds, Althathos

2 Majestic Radiance Blade