LV1: You enter Cardshop Legion after hearing rumors about it at your school Hitsue high , however it is still early and you see a (Brown,Red,Blue) haired boy sitting at a table he challenges you to a fight out of boredom and the shopkeeper lends you a deck Fight your heart out!

Oh so your from (Hitsue,Fukuhara,Miyaji)  too sorry i didnt notice -(Kai Toshiki,Ren Suzugamori,Aichi Sendo)


LV2:You enter your schools rumored cardfight club when to your surprise you re-encounter(Kai,Ren,Aichi),seeing this fellow members (Morikawa,Tetsu,Naoki) challenge you to seee how strong you are.

Morikawa's deck(Grade 0

x1 Lizard Runner, Undeux (FVG) x4 Dragon Monk, Genjo HT x4 Dragon Dancer, Monica DT x4 Embodiment of Spear, Tahr CT x4 Lizard Soldier, Gan-Lu ST Grade 1 x4 Embodiment of Armor, Bahr x3 Iron Tail Dragon  Grade 2 x4 Dragon Knight, Nehalem Grade 3 x4 Hell Spider x4 Vortex Dragon x4 Demonic Dragon Berserker, Yaksha x4 Ravenous Dragon, Gigarex x3 Seal Dragon, Blockade x3 Dual Axe Archdragon )

Tetsu:Old amon pre set 12

Naoki set 10 Erads GBD style

Your stronger than u look-(morikawa,tetsu,naoki)


Lv3:Amember of the club you dont recognise due to them being absent from the clubs due to a cold have returned and ask you to fight.

Miwa(seal dragon set 11 kagero)

Asaka( non silver thorns Luquier PM)

Kourin(jewel knight set 10 royals)

Your pretty good maybe youll join us for a tourney sometime-(Miwa,Asaka,Kourin)


Lv4: Your Cardfight clubs(Miyaji,Hitsue,Fukuhara) team holds an exhibition match with(Hitsue,Miyaki,Hong Kong High) however your team leader is under the weather and cannot fight, your teamate(Naoki,Miwa,Suiko) has lost and your told to fight their teams last fighter (Morikawa,Aichi,Leon ) in (aichi,Kai,ren)'s place.

Morikawa(dauntless the end deck from his page on cfv wiki)

Aichi(gancelot alfred libs pre set 12)

Leon(Last card revvon from his page on wiki)

Nice job there you really pulled through for us-(Misaki,Izaki,Asaka)

Reward: 1000CP and 1 pack of your choice

lv5: Due to your performance a few days ago your team enters you in the local cardshop legion tournament however a mysterious fighter yelling Kougekiiiii is trying to take your spot and the shopkeep has you two fight for the spot give it your all!

( pre set 15 megacolony master beetle based)

Tch ill be forfeit my spot tou you this time but remember my megacolony are a den of Eviiiiil14:54, March 28, 2014 (UTC)

Reward: 1500 CP