Ok so this will be a sub clan focusing on high power and multiple attacks.


Clan: Aqua Force

Sub clan derived from: Blue Wave Dragon, Tetra Drive Dragon


Grade 0:

Blue Wave Cadet Shooter

Power: 5000 Skill: Forerunner, [AUTO](RC)Soulblast 1 and put this unit into soul. When this unit boosts a card with "Blue Wave" in its card name with LB4, you may pay the cost. If you do, search your deck for up to 1 grade 2 or below Aqua Force and call it to RC.

Blue Wave Trigger Dracokid

Power: 5000 Skill: Forerunner, [AUTO](RC) When this unit boosts your VG, if it is the 4th or more battle, the boosted unit gets [AUTO](VC)CB1 If this unit's attack hits, you may retire an opponent's front row RG, and draw a card.