Well, I haven't made anything worthwhile on here yet, been mostly working, but lately I've seen people been making fan subclans so I thought I'd give it a shot. 

So I've always enjoyed MegaColony, I've always loved "Stunning" people and overall being a troll. But I always felt that as a bug lover, there would truely be a "hive" mind and after seeing "Legion" being introduced, I thought, of something, what would happen if I could mix LB & Legion together some how? >.> and I got a few Ideas, but first, lets get into my fan-subclan, the Infesters! >:3 

Their main power is as follow:

Infestation corrupts a Rearguard cirlce till the end of the afflicted player's turn. Any unit on this Rearguard circle is now also considered as a "MegaColony" and  is retired at the end of turn along with the Infest on the circle

For now, this is what I had in mind, but at the same time, I will be re-working this as needed. 

(This is what I have for now, this will be updated with the Grade 2 & Grade 3 units on future notice) 

Grade 0

Infester Colony Maker

Trigger: Heal

Power: 5000

Infester Hivewatcher

Trigger: Stand

Power: 5000

Infester Raider

Trigger: Crit

Power: 5000

Infester Orcale

Trigger: Draw

Power: 4000

ACT(R):(Move this unit to the soul) Choose one of your "MegaColony" units and give it 3k power

Tunneling Infester, Ro'Bah

Power: 4000

AUTO: Forrunner

AUTO:(Counterblast 1 & Move to the Soul) When a unit that this unit is boosting attacks, if the unit has "Infester" in its name, you may pay the cost. Choose one of your foes open Rearguard circles and Infest it

Soaring Infester, Gab'Nath

AUTO: Forrunner

ACT:(Counterblast 1 & Move into the soul) If your foe has an Infested Rearguard circle, you may pay the cost. Choose an open rearguard circle and Infest it

Grade 1

Hivebarked Infester, Hil'Thein

Power: 6000

[CONT] Sentinal

Perfect Guard

Battler Infester

Power: 7000

10k Attack if your vanguard has "Infester" in its name


Power: 7000

ACT:[Counterblast 1 & Put into the Soul] Infest one of your foe's backrow Rearguard circles 


Power: 6000

AUTO: [Counterblast 1] When the unit that this unit boost attack hits, you may pay the cost. Choose an Infested Circle and give it[Any unit on this circle loses -5000 power]

Grade 2

Grade 3